He knew something had to be done, he needed help with his fear, and this is where you came in.

You gave him hope, you gave him trust, and you saved his life.

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We all know the meaning of fear, its crippling effects, and what it does to each and every one of us. Because of this fear, we may be afraid to open the next door we need to move on. For countless, often invisible, victims of sexual abuse, this is the reality they face each and every day.

With the help of Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center of Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties (SARCC), people living in these areas don't have to live with this fear any longer. As the only such resource available in the area since 1985, SARCC provides victims of sexual assault with a place to immediately begin reclaiming their lives, by living without fear, surrounded by comfort and protection, while finding their inner strength through the help of a dedicated staff.

You have given us the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on so many people who live in Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties. Individuals who have suffered from years of abuse are finding themselves again, with a mindset they never thought possible. Let me share with you just one instance of how you changed a life completely.

Ron's Story

Sexual abuse knows no boundary, no age, and no gender. For one young man, Ron, his abuse started at age six and continued for the next eleven years - an unbelievable and emotionally scarring experience.

At age 36, Ron's life changed. He could not focus on his work, could not be in crowds of people, and he had incredibly powerful flashbacks. These flashbacks were so intense that this young man seriously injured himself during crippling nightmares. Broken bones, stitches, waking up bruised were all everyday occurrences and inescapable. For eight long years, this continued.

He knew that something had to be done, he needed help with this fear, and this is where you came in.

He decided to take that drive to SARCC and forego the traditional therapist that he described as the "equivalent of talking to a robot." Though his hands trembled as he pushed the elevator button, he was instantly calmed by every face he met there. No crowds, no anxiety of who may do something to him next, just the comfort that you have provided him.

Because of you, this young man began the healing process. When we last spoke with Ron to capture his story, he told us "I felt safe in almost eight years, it was the first place I could start to trust someone again, they gave me hope, and they saved my life."

You gave him hope, you gave him trust, and you saved his life.

It is truly inspiring to us what donors like you can accomplish for SARCC and everyone we serve in our communities.

There are even more individuals like this gentleman who need your help each and every day. And, that is why I am writing to you today. For you see, there are close to 140 child sexual assault victims in Lebanon County and over 200 child sexual assault victims in Schuylkill County each year.

I am asking you today to consider a special lifesaving donation in support of SARCC by making a gift of $25, $50, $100 or any denomination you can. Together, we can continue to provide sexual abuse victims the support and services they need to heal and become whole again.

You are a key member of SARCC's family. You may not know any of our individuals personally, but they are all alive and well today because you care enough to support us. I hope you will help us again to give the gift of a new life full of courage, confidence, and independence - a life free of hopelessness, struggles, and despair. No one should have to suffer in silence. And because of you, they don't have to.

Your generous gift can do so much to further our mission of engaging all individuals, families, and communities in healing, advocating, and educating for the elimination of sexual violence – not just taking small steps, but, making great strides together.

On behalf of the individuals you have saved, and all of the board, staff, and volunteers of the Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center of Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties - thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Jenny Murphy-Shifflet

P.S. Your donations to SARCC are critical to raising awareness to end sexual assault in our communities. Visit www.sarcclebanon.org for more stories, education, and resources.

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